Blog Creating & Hosting

Blogs are everywhere – people ‘blog’ without even thinking about it, on their Facebook wall or in their diary for example. But a dedicated space for people to share opinions and experiences through pictures, video and text is something that some overlook. Giving your audience and client base a truly comprehensive experience of your business isn’t always on the top of the agenda, however we feel that some of the most popular businesses don’t like their customers to feel like they keep secrets.

This can be achieved by something as simple as writing about a new product launch or perhaps a corporate event, it helps to write in the first person, pictures and sometimes video are also really beneficial.  We offer this service as an add-on so you needn’t worry about your existing website or social network. We can generate the space for you and host it on our systems, taking care of the network load and work, so all you need to do is find something interesting to get people talking.